New Year Advice: Let The Work Do The Talking

Hey y’all!

I know this post should have been made before 2015 started, but I was too busy adhering to this tip myself. Hence the delay. Nevertheless here is a useful advice that everyone can benefit form.

In the beginning of every year we make a ginormous “New Year Resolutions List” and immediately after doing so, we post it on various social media websites with all kinds of quotations and pictures so that others can see it and “get inspired”. However the latter never happens but you of all people, lose all the inspiration you had since your mind was tricked into being satisfied without actually achieving the goals.NewYearsResolution

According to psychologists when you inform others about what you are planning to achieve in the future, the satisfaction you get from telling others what your goal is, is mistaken by our brains as the satisfaction that we will get from actually achieving it. So it is always better to keep it a secret until you have successfully achieved your goal. Be silent and let the work speak for you. Ultimately, people will acknowledge your hard work and then you wouldn’t need to go about explaining everyone your plans. Unless, you wanna be Calvin and ignore all the jibber jabber.calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433_thumb

What were your new year resolutions this year? (Hint: Use the advice) 😉

P.s This is my opinion based on a study, and maybe completely different from yours.

Much Love

-A ❤

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La Vita è Bella


Come stai? 😀

Its been a while eh?? Apologies for not posting up anything for so long, was caught in so many things that i now feel super guilty for lacking behind. Hope you find it in your heart to forgive me. ❤

Anyho, you must be wondering why all of a sudden I started writing italian yeah?? Being a business student, I was required to learn a foreign language and I had to choose from the following: French, Russian, German, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin and of course Italian. So without thinking twice I opted for Italian, its something that has fascinated me for so long, and I wouldn’t wanna let go of this opportunity; and I’m glad I chose Italian because I’m absolutely LOVIN’ IT!

A while ago, our teacher informed us that we will be watching an Italian movie in class. I was super excited for it. Little did I know that by the end of the movie, I will be crying. Embarrassing much?

So coming back to the movie details, it’s called “La Vita è Bella” which means lifeisbeautiful“Life is Beautiful”. Continue reading

“Main Adakara Banoongi” – I Will Become An Actress

Here’s a fun fact, I love theatre! ❤ I believe that watching a play is much better than watching a movie in cinema. So whenever I get the chance, I NEVER let go of that opportunity. So my love for theatre made me go watch a play in Arts Council, in Karachi Pakistan on 26th August 2014 accompanied by one of my best friends- Samra, which was called “Main Adaakara Bannongi” (english translation: I will become an actress). I know its a little too late to post this up, but i hadn’t started blogging back then and posting the experience I had was irresistible. So here goes… 😀

The entire play revolved around two renowned Pakistani actors, Sania Saeed as Naila Anjum and Abdullah Farhatullah as Zaigham Rafiqi. It was a 90 minute play, and it certainly was a treat to watch Sania’s exceptional performance. The exuberance with which Sania played this character is truly commendable.  The plot circled around a middle-class girl – Naila,  who is very keen on becoming an actress so that she could lead a better life, and she is adamant to learn it from Zaigham, who suffers from intellectual-superiority complex, but also shares the same passion for acting as Naila does. However, as there is a significant difference between their social classes, thats what makes the entire play so funny.

It was truly worth watching, as Samra (my bff) and I couldn’t stop laughing, and even after the play ended, remembering all the fun bits left us smiling for the rest of the night. I take pride in saying that Pakistan is extremely talented, be it in any field and the play definitely proved it! 🙂 Here are some pictures from the play.

Naila mispronouncing the word "qainchi" - scissors.

Naila mispronouncing the word “qainchi” – scissors.

Naila trying to apologize for her misbehavior.

Naila trying to apologize for her misbehavior.

Naila talking to Zaigham wife, while his marriage is hanging by a thread. And after the call, it ends. :P

Naila talking to Zaigham’s wife, while his marriage is hanging by a thread. And after that call, it ends. 😛



The Poster, also what the ticket looked like.

The Poster, also what the ticket looked like.

Are you as big a theatre lover as I am? Comment below and let me know. would love to know your experiences. Until next time!

-Amna ❤